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Grating is a regularly spaced collection of essentially identical, parallel, elongated elements, Grating creates a mesh within the frame bar by laying one set perpendicular to another set. Grating is the most important production element from our manufacturing unit, our gratings have some magnificent features within, such as it is light in weight, good strength, large carrying capacity, cost effective. gratings offer good ventilation, easy clean and easy installation. Gratings have number of applications; this product is basically designed for civil constructions in city road, garden, yard, airport and railways. For long life of gratings, can be hot -dip galvanized, it is a treatment providing rust proofing and maintenance free replacement, thus gratings can stay hygienic, clean and bright finish. High strength, a very important factor which our gratings consist, measures the toughness, durability of the product. Gratings are made from various material for different applications, the most common being mild steel, our gratings are made from MS confirming to IS 2062 GR A / ASTM A36 For chemical plants, highly corrosive environment, high temperature zones.

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