Product Description :

We are manufacturer of all types solar structures having 1000 MT capacity These are module mounting structures where Solar Panels are mounted . They support Solar Models from the roof. Being important structural elements, they must be manufactured exactly to specification. These structures are as important as Modules.

Galvanized Steel As per IS 277; ASTM A 653 (80gsm - 550gsm) HR Steel having min Yield strength of 250Mpa/350Mpa with Hot dip Galvanized up to 100 microns as per is IS 4759

Applications :

Roof Top Structures ,Ground Mounted Structures, Carport Structures

Advantages :

Very high strength-to-weight ratio; high strength, low cost. Significantly reduces installation time. No site drilling or cutting required.Maintenance-free owing to application of proper surface finish. cut to exact lengths with pre -punched holes to a void time and material wastage.Accessories like, connecting plates, angles splicing plates supplied along with main structure Custom designed Sections as per customer requirement

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